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They can be picky, loud, irritated, irritating and down-right difficult.

Taking them to a special place where they can be engaged is helpful when you have the time and inclination.

Here are a few local places that my sons like, I hope your kids do, too.

Living in Greater Augusta is very rewarding for pet lovers.

Mc Kenzie and I have been spending afternoons together for the past 10 years.

Our criteria are simple enough: we have to both enjoy ourselves, it has to be convenient and it has to be free or cheap.

Send change of address to post office (with forwarding address), credit cards, subscriptions, friends and family.Augusta Opera: The mission of the Augusta Opera is to present opera and music theatre productions of the highest possible standards while encouraging growth of the art form through its educational programs and outreach.The Augusta Opera strives to create productions of the highest artistic quality bringing together nationally recognized professionals, rising young professional artists, and talented youth and adults from the community.There are many elements that influence the cost of a rental, and depending on these factors, you can imagine making tax free income ranging from the cost to rent a house on Lake Thurmond to the cost of renting a mansion in Malibu!Carefree time with a child is one of life’s great joys.

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Through this unique collaboration of artists of all levels, The Augusta Opera enhances our community's quality of life and provides a platform for artistic development for both local and national professionals.

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