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They look like average people and are not usually violent in the early stages of relationships.

Batterer Characteristics Excessive Jealousy - Has jealous reactions to many things in your life, including casual, minor contacts with such people as store clerks or neighbors.

In one study, 63% of boys, ages 11-20, who committed homicide, murdered the man who was abusing their mother (National Coalition Against Domestic Violence).

Children often feel guilty that they were not able to prevent the violence and sometimes feel they were somehow to blame for the violence.

A batterer often throws things, kicks things, and goes into verbal rages.

Use of Violence - Uses force or intimidation to "win" arguments; destroys physical objects; may have a history of cruelty to children as well as animals; may use force during sex.

Batterers do not respect boundaries or other people's opinions, thoughts, or feelings.

Children will sometimes attempt to intervene, putting them at risk for physical harm.

The abusive language may escalate into rage or physical attacks.

Controlling Behavior - Demands rigid accounts of your every move, and will often make follow-up calls to confirm your whereabouts.

Alcohol and Drug Abuse - Abuses substances, particularly alcohol, but not all batterers are addicts or alcoholics.

Drugs and alcohol may make a batterer more violent - but they do not explain the violence.

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