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I will very much recommend this project to my agency and everyone who is interested in going to South Africa. Activities included walking elephants, painting walls, picking grass, walking lions, watching sunrise, feeding animals, cleaning enclosures, building stuff for the tigers and a cave tour. We then end the tour with a walk through the park at Zoo Lake, a pleasant end to the day.

Some of the animals on the farm are wild and kept in separate enclosures as they are not able to be released into the wild.The farm acts as a sanctuary for many abused and neglected animals, as well as raising young animals that their parents reject.The farm helps sustain itself and creates further awareness for the animals by using the farm for filming. There is a passion for all the animals and care is taken to ensure the health and safety of all the fauna and flora within.It is our duty to protect and preserve this history and all volunteer help is greatly appreciated and targeted towards this cause. We cleaned horse stables and elephant house, digging tiger pool, interacted with Bailey, walked with elephants, feeding, collected garbage, collected stones for tiger pool and building.All work carried out by the volunteers will have a direct positive outcome towards conservation. I enjoyed everything here – very good variety of work. We fed the giraffe and the cubs, and did an elephant walk.

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There is a lodge with 26 en-suite rooms, restaurant, bar – boma for functions, weddings and conferences.

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