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Mogit online dating

There is an option in Mog It to sort the Wishlist alphabetically but it does not carry over to this addon, it still sorts on added order. :) Edit: Also a search-function for loong lists would be awesome.

:) I figured this out on 40 toons a few months ago.

It's likely not something easy to handle, but it just seems like it would be really helpful, especially for the sort that likes to mix their sets around instead of going for a premade look, and it would really make this an even more stand-out addon for the custome lovers. slots such as head slot "checked" as an example would only bring up every head for said armor options.

I got an addon idea i was going to make but it was galaxy that made me think of it so if you care to add to this, it would be to VIEW mounts and flairs.

I ended up with some optimizations that should help with some of the issues outlined below.

It's possible that they aren't useful and that the problems have already been resolved in thus-far unreleased code, but I'm letting you know anyway just in case.

May take a few attempts to register the outfits, I guess.

That's the only thing that worked for me, reloading UI wasn't enough. This time I implement a custom dropdown menu, which means it should be scrollable.

I already have a fix that's working, but I'm waiting until I finish the filter system to release it. Had a new alt today and had trouble seeing your Mogit sets under the default transmog UI.Eventually I tried logging out and back in a few times.I am not a coder but i think the issue is that mount flairs have to be consumed to view them.Anywho there's the idea maybe an actual coder can make it work, I wanted to view flairs in game because I want to know which I need to stress over to get and others I can pass until the moment arrives.

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The thread about it is located on Wildstar forums, there's also a link to the updated files on dropbox in the later comments: Look for a similar line - local n Item DBScan = 49999 and change it to the number listed here.

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