Setup failed while updating windows socket 2 provider

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Setup failed while updating windows socket 2 provider

In addition, upgrading to SQL Server 2016/2017 allows you to leverage new features like Columnstore Indexes, In-Memory schema only temp tables, table variables, parallel inserts to further scale your workload if you can afford some database schema changes.

In most scenarios, customers choose to add new hardware as opposed to upgrading their SQL Server since the general perception is that cost of upgrade is high.

The initial plan by customer was to add more hardware resources to scale, but we were confident that would not solve the issue and can potentially make it worse.

We recommended them to run DMA and assess their database schema and TSQL code to see if there are any upgrade blockers.

Running DMA would allow you to accurately estimate the cost, changes and risk involved in upgrade.As the layers should appear instantly when Windows boots up, Citrix assumes there is a problem and blue-screens the machine so that the process can be retried.The most common cause for layer mounting failures are policies/software blocking access to removable drives.Let me back the above theory and claim with some data as we recently put this approach to practice with one of our customer running Tier 1 mission critical workload on SQL Server 2008 R2.The customer’s business was growing and the concurrent workload on their server increased such that the application started to see poor response time and timeouts.

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While the software may work, but it may not scale and in some occasions, may perform poorly especially if you are hitting memory object scaling issues (CMEMTHREAD) as now you have more resources to run concurrent threads in parallel, but all threads wait on a single memory object for memory which becomes a point of contention and bottleneck on the high-end server.

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