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We're back again for another "Twilight" Tuesday, our recently resurrected weekly column dedicated to anything and everything popping in the house that Stephenie Meyer built.Not that we've been lacking content this month, since "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn- Part 1" opens this week, but there's always something to spotlight.oh [Verse 3: Jhene Aiko] Yeah he’s sweet I mean you know when he wants to be not all the time Let’s not front in front of all these people nigga Don’t act like just a couple weeks ago you wasn’t fucking with them bitches Out here, disrespecting me I mean you know I fucked up too Went through your phone you wasn’t looking And I found out, but if we in the same house, the same building Then you can’t interrupt a happy home that’s still buildin' You ol’ sneaky ass nigga [Verse 4: Big Sean] Fuck is you saying Who are you talkin to Never called you a bitch, but who are you barking to Look you disrespecting me, calling me a lying ass nigga Who are you trying, am I on trial?Are you not the number one on my speed dial You know that you tripping You need guidance You got these people inside our business Like U and I is You probably didn’t even catch that did you You’re too undivided You’re too undecisive You’re too one sided You the type to kick me out the house after I buy it And then talk to me like you’re the pro when I’m the one that’s been providing I hate talking about what’s private when we not in private ‘Cause I don’t want to say nothing to piss your mother off Since we inviting everyone in the bedroom Let’s take the covers off And talking about how you fucking what’s his name who’s so fucking lame I wish I would’ve known before I took the rubber off (ah!And not only that, but those two scenes happen to be two of the most important in the movie? A hugely talented and deserving one, that is, and very appreciative."I'm still kind of wrapping my head around the whole thing," O'Neal said. I can't even believe it." What would you like to see on "Twilight" Tuesdays?This morning, I was standing in line at the convenience store and the song from 1974 came on in the background. Suddenly, I was overcome by flashbacks of people, places, and strong emotions linked to that song from many stages of my life.

What is the neuroscience behind the ability of music to evoke such strong memories of the people and places from our past?

I hadn't heard anything [for a while], so I was pretty sure it was a no-go.

And then a couple months ago, I got a call and was told it was in some of the parts of the film." In exactly what parts of the film does his song appear?

And after the first few piano chords, I felt like that was where I wanted to go with it.

So then I sent it in, which was a total shot in the dark.

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) Got me questioning like is this even love at all I used to see my future in your eyes like the crystal ball Looking for some feelings in the lost and found Contemplating Thinking how we supposed to hold each other down if we can’t even hold on a conversation You take the sex away then what else are we left to lay in I’m tired of fronting for these people who ain't got our back ‘Cause to them it’s all entertainment And they not looking at us like we real people Or like we up here just fuckin playing And time’s the only thing we can’t afford Then why would waste it How we supposed to face our problems If we can’t even face to face it [Outro: Big Sean] The fuck Fuck this shit This song takes the format of a late night talk show.