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He is one the most famous French novelist, play writer, essayist, and journalist.Many people him as an Existentialist, but he himself preferred to known him as a thinker and a man, rather than be known as member of school or ideology. In 1945, during an interview, he rejected any kind of ideological associations.Sometimes this kind of pressure will led some people to flee, and would prefer to choose muddle along secular life.Because they are worry about their choice if they fail on their own choice and need to bear the tragic consequences.The book Exile and the Kingdom was published in 1957, the six stories which are: The Renegade, The silent Men, The Guest, The Adulterous Woman, Jonas or the Artist at work, The Growing Stone.In 1957, Camus won the Nobel Prize for Literature, at that time he was second youngest person who recipient the Nobel Prize.

For the first life to the awareness of the meaning of the life is, that is a philosophy of the center point.

From the beginning of the story we can see that Marcel and Janine have a strained relationship between each other.

In Janine’s mind she describe her husband has a negative image who she feels stagnant and always business with his work, having waived the ambitions and passions compare to when they met.

Janine looks herself still a very attractive woman although she already in a mature way and also remembers her adolescence.

The raising action of the story starts from a French soldier starts to looking at Janine.

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Man can go beyond this kind of nonsense by against his situation and injustice.

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